Jesus, the True and Better Samson

J.D. Greear recently published an article discussing how Jesus is the true and better Samson. Many people have a hard time understanding what Jesus has to do with Old Testament books like Judges, however as J.D. explains:

The hints are there if we know how to read them. Many of the stories in the Old Testament provide the shadow for which Jesus is the reality. They are the outline, he is the substance. What they begin, Jesus finishes. I was struck by this recently when reading Samson’s birth story. When an angel comes to promise Samson’s miraculous birth, he says that Samson will “begin to save Israel from the hand of the Philistines” (Judges 13:5). Begin. That’s a strange way of saying it. Who is going to finish it? Samson, after all, is the last judge in the book. The author is intentionally clueing us in: for the end of this story, you’re going to have to look beyond this book. And for those of us who know the end of the big story, it should be obvious: Jesus completes the salvation that Samson could only start.

To read the entire post, head over to J.D.’s blog.

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