How Our Culture Overvalues Sex

Last week, we shared a sermon from J. D. Greear on how our culture undervalues sex. This week, J. D. talks about the flip side: how our culture overvalues sex. Here’s an excerpt:

Sex is a beautiful gift from God, but if we make it into an idol, it will crush us. Every time. It will lead us to break God’s commands, to hurt those we love most, and to defame the name of Jesus in our community. So when people look at me strange for some of the ways I protect myself from adultery (I don’t travel alone, I don’t schedule private appointments with women), I’m willing to look like an oddball, because it’s just not worth it. Let people accuse me of overkill; I just know the power of sex and the weakness of me. And I’m not playing Russian roulette with my family.

Read the full post here.

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