In Case You Missed It

1) Russ Moore offers a compassionate reminder for churches to remember those who want to be but cannot be mothers on Mother’s Day.

2) At 9Marks, Jonathan Leeman answers several questions, including whether or not elders can be single and if young earth creationism is a primary or secondary matter for local churches. What are your thoughts on these topics?

3) At the American Conservative, Rod Dreher offers a pointed evaluation of the evangelical response (past, present, and future) to the advance of the gay rights movement in America. Among other points, he argues, “I think it’s simply true as a general matter that you can be as nice as you can be, and the world will still hate you. This is massively true when it comes to the gay rights question.”

4) An interesting explanation of what constitutes an insult of Muhammad for Muslims, from Daniel Akbari at WND. Akbari points out that insulting, not depicting, Muhammad was the spark for the recent attack in Garland, Texas.


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