Science, Scripture, and God’s Creation–the Conversation Continues

This Friday, May 1, the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture hosts a panel discussion entitled “Science, Scripture, and God’s Creation.” The participants include representatives from BioLogos and Reasons to Believe (both evangelical apologetic organizations), along with Southern Baptist professors from four different SBC seminaries. The event is part of a three year, continuing dialogue between evangelical scientists, philosophers, theologians, and biblical scholars.

The full range of the major positions will be represented: young-earth creationists, old-earth creationists, and evolutionary creationists. The questions discussed will include the tough ones: the historicity of Adam and Eve, the problem of natural evil, the genetic evidence, and the fossil record–just to name a few.  During previous discussions the debates at times have been strong; the different positions made clear. But all have exhibited a genuine desire to understand the other’s arguments. The parties involved are having this dialogue, not because we are in complete agreement, but because the issues are so important. Let the conversation continue.

The event this Friday starts at 7 pm, and will be held in Eitel Auditorium (located in the Jacumin-Simpson Missions Center). Admission is free, but please register here if you plan attend.

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