Book Review: “No Other gods”

I want to post something different this week on behalf of the Pastor’s Center. I recognize I am normally targeting male church leadership in pastoral roles. I am very aware that many of the leaders in other ministries within your context are godly women. So the post today is something I think will benefit those women ministry leaders in your church, wives of pastors, and frankly all female believers.

Kelly Minter joined us on Southeastern’s campus on April 8th for our spring semester’s all women’s chapel service. One of her books, No Other gods, focuses on the problem of idolatry and how it occurs in the life of a modern believer. It is a book worth considering.

Alyson Watkins, the administrative assistant for the Pastors’ Center, wrote a good review of this book for our Women’s Life blog. I thought it would be beneficial to share it here as well for God-seeking women in ministry; give it a read.


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