They Loved Not Their Lives

The news of the murder of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS in Libya reminds us all of the sacrifice these saints, and their families, made for the King and his kingdom. Yet, their sacrifice testifies to their overcoming faith in the King who will, one day, overcome all his enemies. Will Taylor, assistant program coordinator for college students at the CGCS, connected the death of these 21 to the testimony of martyred Karen Watson (Iraq 2004). Here’s an excerpt:

Amidst sadness and heartbreak for families and those affected, I’m also challenged to reflect about my own devotion to Christ. Take a moment and read Karen Watson’s own Epithet. An IMB missionary, she was killed by unknown assailants in Iraq in March of 2004. You can find her whole story in this free resource made possible through the IMB. Before going, she left this note to her pastor enclosed in an envelope.

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