How to Pray for Mormons

Recently, the Center for Great Commission Studies drew attention to a symposium on Mormonism held at BYU. This symposium helps us understand Mormons and thus know how to pray for them. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Many have gone out from Southeastern and chose to go and plant churches among the dark places here in North America. Utah is a great example of a place that desperately needs the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Ben is a church planter serving in the greater Salt Lake City area. He works diligently to show how a correct understanding of Mormonism is absolutely necessary for us as Christians, evangelicals, and Southern Baptists. Recently, a symposium was held on the Campus of BYU, a stalwart of the Mormon faith. This symposium highlighted three definitions of grace held by the LDS, Catholic, and Evangelical/Protestant perspectives.

Read the full post and check out the resources.

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