What Mary Can Teach Us About God’s Favor

In this weekly installment of writing from J. D. Greear, we point you to his recent thoughts about what we can learn about God’s favor from Mary. Here’s an excerpt:

In the end, that’s what God’s favor is all about—hope. God’s favor isn’t always easy. Sometimes, as with Mary, it brings with it a lot of difficulties. But it’s always good, because it brings us a hope in God’s promises, and an assurance that his presence will be with us. I’ll take that over a great parking space every time.

Read the full post here.

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  1. Eric Carpenter   •  

    If my count is correct, this is the 11th BTT blog post in a row to receive zero comments (prior to mine). That ought to be a clue that BTT needs to engage in some more interesting topics.

    I’m a SEBTS graduate and loved my time at the school. SEBTS is loaded with a number of faculty with all sorts of fascinating things to say and teach. In light of this, why can’t the blog contain articles that spark comments from the readers?

    BTT, please step it up.

  2. Between the Times   •     Author

    Eric: Thanks for your comment. We are regularly working to engage interesting topics for our readers. Our faculty focus their time teaching students, for which we and they are thankful. Several of them will have blogposts at BTT this semester. Also, we track not only comments but the number of looks at each post. We appreciate your interest in the blog and hope you keep reading.

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