J. D. Greear on Why We Fail to Progress Past Ferguson

Every Thursday afternoon we highlight the writing of J. D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church. This week J. D. reflected on why we — the evangelical church — fail to progress past the recent discussions on race. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Both “sides” must be swifter to hear than to speak, and both sides must think of the “interests of another community as more important than their own.” Practically, that means gospel-centered white leaders will talk as much about the injustice and problems of white privilege, and the hurt and frustration it has caused in the black community as they do the problems with how the protestors have behaved. That also means that gospel-centered black leaders will talk as much about the need to protect the innocent and to extend to all the full benefits of the justice system to all as they do their anger (though justified) about past injustices.

Read the full post here.

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