The CGCS on Christian Hospitality (Keelan Cook)

Every Wednesday morning we highlight the writing and work of the folks in the Center for Great Commission Studies. Recently, Keelan Cook, the Urban Resource Coordinator for the CGCS and PhD student at SEBTS, wrote about holiday hospitality and the Christian mission.

Here’s an excerpt:

Throughout the Old Testament, the people of God were commanded to welcome the sojourner (think Deut 10:19). The New Testament does not ease up on the issue either. Instead, the kingdom of God is radically inclusive, making no distinction between peoples. One need look no further than Jesus’ parable of the good samaritan (Luke 10) for a proper understanding of loving your neighbor. . . . Hospitality opens doors. Sharing a meal is more than a way into people’s homes, it is a way into their hearts.

Read the full post here.

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