The CGCS: No Free Lunches

Wednesday mornings at Between the Times are dedicated to highlighting the work and writing of the Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern. This week we share a post by Keelan Cook (@keelancook), a PhD student in Biblical Studies at Southeastern. Keelan writes about the how churches can provide help that really helps as they plan and go on mission trips. This is the second of two posts.

Here’s an excerpt:

Will this trip position these people to do better later… when we’re not there? Sure, what you do in that two weeks may help them a ton, during that two weeks. However, we must make sure that we do not create an unsustainable system for the people we try to help. I have heard of American churches building whole conference centers out in the bush and building them in such a way that they cannot be maintained. The local churches have neither the money nor the expertise to run such a facility, and it becomes a burden instead of a help. Bigger is not always better. Instead, a good trip will do something that can be carried on after they leave. Perhaps it is training in a skill that can be sustained.

Read the full post here, and the first post here.


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