Scott Hildreth on The Call of God

Editor’s Note: Every Wednesday morning at Between the Times we highlight the work of Southeastern’s Lewis A. Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies. Directed by Scott Hildreth, the CGCS exists to produce students who are grounded in the scriptures, culturally sensitive, prepared to make disciples and equipped to plant churches that are healthy and reproductive. Scott and the team at the CGCS maintain a blog, Missions at Southeastern, as one part of this effort. So, every Wednesday we point you to their writing so that you might be better equipped as you and your churches go.


What does it mean for God to call you to ministry? Recently, Scott Hildreth wrote about the concept. Here’s an excerpt:

All believers experience are called to follow Christ–a call to salvation and a call to sanctification. Christians can rest in the sovereign work of God and know that our current place in life can be for his glory and we are to live a life on mission. However, the scriptures also indicate that some people experience a more specific call into a full–time service of the gospel and the church.

Read the entire post here and check out the CGCS for lots of good info on missions, missionaries, and prayer points.

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