An Impassioned Plea from a Modern-Day Abolitionist

Amber Lehman is a 21st-century abolitionist. She has been on the front-lines of the abortion controversy for the past eight years, and Amber directs First Choice Pregnancy Solutions.Amber_Lehman She has seen–up close and personal–the horrors of deception and evil taking place each day through the abortion industry. On April 30th Amber gave a talk at a Bush Center faculty luncheon entitled “From Pro-Life to Abolitionist.” You can access an audio of her speech here. Her passion for her cause comes through clearly. As you listen, it will become equally clear that being “merely pro-life” is not sufficient. If one has the ability to stop (or at least hinder) a horrendous evil, it is not enough merely to lament that evil. Amber argues that Christians have the moral obligation to act, and then lists possible options for action.

Amber graduated with a B.A. in Biblical Studies from the College at Southeastern, and she currently is completing her MA in Christian Ethics with a focus on Non-Profit Management Best Practices for Pregnancy Center Ministries. God has given Amber Lehman a unique prophetic role in today’s Church and society. Please remember to pray for her and for First Choice. First Choice

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