In Case You Missed It

Each Friday at Between the Times we point you to some of this week’s blogposts we think worth your time. Some are written by Southeastern faculty, alumni, or students. Some are from others outside Southeastern who have something to say. Either way, we want to keep you updated in case you missed it.

1) In light of the recent immigration crisis, Bruce Ashford, Provost at Southeastern, explains the need to balance justice and mercy in our Christian response to real people in need. The ERLC’s Canon and Culture published his essay.

2) Walter Strickland, Special Advisor to the President for Diversity & Instructor of Theology at Southeastern, talks about the challenge to enjoy the diverse tapestry of God’s church. The post appeared on July 17 at Ed Stetzer’s blog.

3) Speaking of Ed Stetzer, he wrote a helpful piece on how churches can avoid the pitfall of syncretism.

4) Jeff Iorg, President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, writes about the new normal on T.V. amounting to no more than “pixilated porn.” See the post from July 14.

5) Selma Wilson, President of B&H Publishing Group, discusses the real leadership test. Who leads when you’re gone?

6) Chuck Lawless, Dean of the Graduate Studies and Professor of Missions and Evangelism at Southeastern,  lists 10 reasons why church members don’t invite others to church. From

7) Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of Lifeway’s Gospel Project and PhD Student at Southeastern, describes the nature of true repentance.



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