In Case You Missed It: Bruce Ashford on Immigration Reform

In case you missed it on Monday, Southeastern’s Provost and Associate Professor of Theology and Culture, Bruce Ashford, published an essay over at the ERLC’s blog Canon and Culture, “Balancing Justice and Mercy in Immigration Reform.” Ashford reminds us that love for Christ and neighbor, not love for a particular party or policy, should govern our responses to those in need.

Here’s an excerpt:

This means that we should not advocate for solutions that will automatically and without consideration separate families and disrupt communities. We cannot speak in such forceful voices that a large segment of the population should fear that Christians are more concerned about seeing them deported than seeing them come to Christ. Instead, we need to recognize some of the systemic evils that led to the very real problem of illegal immigration.

We encourage you to read the entire post here. Let’s also pray for the thousands of families affected by the current crisis at our border.

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