July 4 and the Church’s Witness

Today is July 4, Independence Day in America. The holiday means most of us are off work, enjoying time with family and friends, and thinking about the weekend. For Christians, the holiday may also bring questions about the relationship between patriotism and worship. This week a couple of well-known bloggers addressed the issue, and we thought it well to point you to their work. We pray it helps you think through how to be a faithful Christian and citizen of the US of A.

SEBTS student and managing editor of Lifeway’s Gospel Project, Trevin Wax, discusses why many younger evangelicals may feel uneasy in a patriotic worship service. Here’s an excerpt:

Taking pride in one’s hometown or the beauties of one’s homeland should not be seen as a betrayal of God’s kingdom but a foretaste of the future, when God’s kingdom will indeed come on earth as in heaven. Too many of us look upon our situatedness with Nathanael’s skepticism: Can anything good come from Nazareth? The testimony of the Gospels is, of course, yes.

Read his full post here.

Also, over at the ERLC, Russ Moore considers whether churches should display the American flag in their sanctuaries. His post is a link to a three-veiws debate in which he participated (in 2012) for Christianity Today. Moore puts some of the key questions to us:

If you’re for displaying an American flag, how do you keep from nationalizing the gospel? Does it suggest to, say, a Christian brother or sister from Dubai or Dublin that this worship service is an American event rather than a kingdom of God happening? For those of you who are opposed to American flags in church sanctuaries, do you think this is a proverbial hill on which to die?

You can find his blogpost, and a link to the CT article, here.


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