The Most Disturbing Lecture I’ve Heard So Far at the CFC

Besides his duties as Associate Dean of the College at Southeastern and Associate Professor of History, Dr. Brent Aucoin also serves as Senior Fellow of the Bush Center for Faith and Culture (CFC). aucoin_cfc On Jan 21st of this year he presented a lecture that left me gobsmacked. He entitled his talk as “Racial Slavery in America after Emancipation.”

Maybe I was absent the days this was covered in the various history classes in which I was enrolled. If so, then I was absent a lot, because I took several American history courses at the high school, college, and even graduate level. Maybe I was simply not paying attention on those days. Though I think the kind of narrative Dr. Aucoin presented would have piqued my interest. I suspect that if this subject had ever come up I would have remembered it.

You’ll want to hear this lecture. Dr. Aucoin explains how that, from after the Civil War up through the mid-20th century, corrupt law-enforcement officials and judges throughout the southland colluded with business interests to provide indentured servants to work in the most difficult and dangerous jobs. Thousands upon thousands of African-Americans were literally kidnapped and pressed into slavery. One has to hear the details in order to grasp the magnitude of the conspiracy.

Please mark your calendar for Sept 16-17, 2014. That’s when the CFC will host an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Gerald Smith of the University of Kentucky and David Roach of Baptist Press are slated to speak about the role played by religion and faith in the Civil Rights movement. Dr. Aucoin’s lecture makes clear why such legislation was necessary.

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  1. Sylvia Basham   •  

    Is there a link to listen to Dr. Aucoin’s lecture?

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