On and About Francis A. Schaeffer

On and About Francis A. Schaeffer

On this day 30 years ago, Francis Schaeffer, founder of L’Abri and thought-lion passed away from cancer. His life’s theme of intersecting culture with faith has become a bastion of not merely ideas, but of words and action. He’s been called the Greatest Modern Theologian and impacted many young believers’ minds and hopes to tell their friends of the glories of the gospel because the gospel literally affects everything. For there is not one silo of thought and action here and another there, but all thought and action are deeply tied together in the root of who God is. So, “It is gorgeous if you understand what we have in the teaching and revelation of God.”

Articles on or about Francis A. Schaeffer

1. “We cannot deal with people like human beings, we cannot deal with them on the high level of true humanity, unless we really know their origin—who they are. God tells man who he is. God tells us that He created man in His image. So man is some- thing wonderful.” Read more.

2. “If truth is one, that is if truth has unity, then Christian education means understanding, and being excited by, the associations between the disciplines and showing how these associations are rooted in the Creator’s existence. I do not know if you know what you are hearing or not. It is a flaming fire. It is gorgeous if you understand what we have in the teaching and revelation of God. If we are going to have really a Christian education, it means understanding truth is not a series of isolated subjects but there are associations, and the associations are rooted in nothing less than the existence of the Creator Himself.” Read more.

3. “What does all this mean to me?  I am not sure, except that it brings me increasingly to my knees – to ask that the Holy spirit may have His way in my life; that I may not think just of justification and then the glories of Heaven (with merely a battle for separation between). {But that I may also think of} all the wonders of the present aspect of my salvation, and that they may be real to me in my life and ministry.” Read more.

4. “I want to say to you, those of you who are Christians or even if you are not a Christian and you are troubled about the direction that our society is going in, that we must not concentrate merely on the bits and pieces. But we must understand that all of these dilemmas come on the basis of moving from the Judeo-Christian world view — that the final reality is an infinite creator God — over into this other reality which is that the final reality is only energy or material in some mixture or form which has existed forever and which has taken its present shape by pure chance.” Read more.

5. “Schaeffer was well-prepared to lead evangelicals to a new and deeper understanding of the titanic clash of differing world views swirling around them.” Read more.

6. “He had a massive impact on the lives of individuals, including me, but his wider significance was as a ‘gatekeeper,’ or a door opener. When almost no Evangelicals were thinking about culture and connecting unconnected dots, Schaeffer not only did it himself but blazed a trail for countless others to follow. Read more.

For more resources on or about Francis A. Schaeffer visit the Francis A. Schaeffer Collection on SEBTS’ website.

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