Recommended Resource: The Story ESV Bible

Over the past several years, many evangelicals have found The Story gospel tract and its companion website to be an effective tool in sharing the gospel with unbelievers. At Southeastern, nearly all of our students in personal evangelism and global missions courses are trained using The Story. When I have led foreign mission trips to South Asia, we have found The Story to be a helpful way to engage in gospel conversations with Hindus and Muslims. Our family also passes out copies of The Story to our neighbors and others who stop by our house to trick-or-treat at Halloween.

A little over a year ago, Crossway published The Story ESV Bible as yet another great evangelistic tool that can be used to proclaim Christ far and wide. Like the gospel booklet, The Story ESV Bible frames its gospel presentation around the grand biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. Many folks at Southeastern Seminary were involved in the creation of The Story ESV Bible. Alvin Reid and George Robinson served as the co-editors for the project. Other SEBTS professors who contributed to The Story ESV Bible include Danny Akin, Tony Merida, Ben Merkle, Heath Thomas, and Tracy McKenzie. Several pastors with close ties to Southeastern were also involved, including J. D. Greear, Jerome Gay, and David Platt.

Personally, I cannot recommend The Story highly enough. If you want to know more about The Story ESV Bible, check out the helpful video below from Spread Truth Ministries.

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