Book Notice: “Nobodies for Jesus: 14 Days Toward a Great Commission Lifestyle”

Lawless-NobodiesforJesusNobodies for Jesus is an act of tomb-raiding into the necropolis that is the human heart. In the book—whose full title is Nobodies for Jesus: 14 Days Toward a Great Commission Lifestyle—author Chuck Lawless writes to awake Christians from a lukewarm Christianity that ignores the Great Commission.

Lawless, who is a professor of evangelism and missions at SEBTS, writes with a simple premise in mind: “Lukewarm believers who fail to see people as lost will not be Great Commission believers. We will not be God’s force set apart to make a dent in the darkness of the world” (p. 2). Toward that end, he writes 14 short devotional studies to encourage Christians to become otherwise, to become Great Commission believers.

The book’s 14 studies are divided into three main parts: Be Amazed (Days 1–6), Be a Nobody (Days 7–12), Do Something (Days 13–14). The first section reflects on God’s glory in Christ, and our appropriate response: amazement. The second section describes the sort of humility that stems from genuine, biblical, Great Commission Christianity. The third section provides two days’ worth of application regarding prayer and Christian testimony.

Each devotional is based upon a specific biblical text and contains Lawless’s reflections on the text, but also includes a few reflection questions and concludes with a “Great Commission Action Step.” For instance, on Day Five, the reader is directed to read Psalm 51 and 1 John 1:9 in order to learn about God’s amazing grace. Lawless reflects on the passage by saying, for example, “If you are a Christian, God has taken the darkness of your sin, somehow cleansed it through his blood, and made you as pure as white snow” (p. 38). After reflecting on the passage, he provides questions for further reflection and an action step.

Nobodies for Jesus is a book for (1) any Christian who wishes to avoid a tendency toward lukewarm Christianity, and (2) particular Christians who sense a personal deficiency in their desire or ability to share the gospel. It is a quick read and very accessible, serving perfectly as study material for a church or Christian study group. Highly recommended.

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