A New PhD Track for Worship Leaders and Worship Theologians

Worship leaders and worship theologians are of the greatest significance to our churches and seminaries. For this reason  we at SEBTS are more than a little excited to introduce a new PhD in Theology & Worship which does not require the student to move to SEBTS’ campus.

Students will come to campus for short periods of time in order to take one-week intensive seminars, after which time they will return to their places of ministry where they will continue to research and write while also serving their churches.

Rather than being a music-based degree, the PhD in Theology & Worship integrates multiple theological and ministerial disciplines such as Bible, theology, pastoral ministry, and worship. This will prepare students for future roles in local church worship leadership, academic research, scholarship and higher educational classroom instruction.

Students will take seminars in History of Worship, Theology of Worship, and Ministry of Worship. Those seminars are complemented by seminars in Doctrine of the Church, Doctrine of the Christian Life, The Church in Its Cultural Context, and Christian Faith & the Arts. Students will also take and independent study with a professor external to SEBTS, a professor who will chose based upon his expertise in the student’s chosen dissertation topic.

Students will study under a total of nine professors in this degree track. Professors for this PhD track include four systematic theologians John Hammett (PhD, Southern Seminary), Bruce Ashford (PhD, Southeastern Seminary), Keith Whitfield (PhD, Southeastern Seminary), and Benjamin Quinn (PhD cand., University of Bristol). In addition, seminars will be taught by musicologists Joshua Waggener (PhD, University of Durham) and John Boozer (DMA, Louisiana State University), Baptist historian Keith Harper (PhD, University of Kentucky), missiologist Chuck Lawless (PhD, Southern Seminary), and philosopher Bruce Little (PhD, Southeastern Seminary).

The PhD in Theology & Worship was created to help advance the understanding and practice of worship life in the Christian church, and to prepare students for future roles in local church worship leadership, academic research and scholarship, and higher educational classroom instruction.

For more information, and to inquire about the application process, click here.

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  1. Phil Newton   •  


    I’m very pleased to see the development of this particular PhD track at SEBTS. The emphasis on theology and pastoral ministry is right on target for what churches need in their worship leaders.

    I will be gladly recommending the program and passing it along to others. I appreciate the faithful way that SEBTS seeks to serve the local church!


  2. Jim Carnes   •  

    I am very excited about this new program and look forward to hearing more about it.

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