Briefly Noted: David Jones’ “An Introduction to Biblical Ethics”

Jones_EthicsIn case you missed it, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is an emerging and burgeoning epistolary powerhouse, with David W. Jones’ An Introduction to Biblical Ethics as one recent and exemplary instance. Jones, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at SEBTS, also is the author of Reforming the Morality of Usury and co-author of Health, Wealth & Happiness, God, Marriage, and Family, and Marriage and the Family.

In An Introduction to Biblical Ethics, which hit the bookstore shelves this week, Jones provides a concise and elegant introduction to ethical reasoning based upon Christian Scripture. His is the latest contribution to the B&H Studies in Christian Ethics series, which is edited by Southeastern’s own Daniel Heimbach.

The book provides an overview of ethical methodologies and explains Jones’ ethical approach that considers three aspects of every moral event: conduct, character and goals. He then moves into chapters that explain the nature, relevancy, coherency, structure, and source of the moral standards revealed to man by God through the Bible. Jones also includes an exposition of the Decalogue broken down into the two tables of the law, showing the continuity of the moral law through history and its applicability for contemporary ethics. The book includes helpful chapter summaries and a glossary, features that are lacking in many other introductory textbooks.

As an introductory text, this book is outstanding. David Jones is a careful researcher and an engaging writer. Whether one looks to refresh one’s knowledge of biblical ethics, to grow in one’s understanding of God’s Word and its importance in the Christian life, or to pursue academic studies in the field of Christian Ethics, this book will be an excellent addition to one’s library.

For those interested in academic studies in Christian Ethics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers an M.A. in Ethics, Theology and Culture and as well as an opportunity to focus on Christian Ethics while pursuing a Th.M. or Ph.D. in Theological Studies.

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