Latest Issue of Southeastern Theological Review Now Available

remthologizingSummer 2013 issue of Southeastern Theological Review (STR) is now available. STR is a refereed journal of evangelical scholarship sponsored by the faculty of Southeastern Seminary. The journal’s editor is Heath Thomas, who directs the Ph.D. program and teaches Old Testament at SEBTS. This issue of STR is dedicated to interacting with Kevin Vanhoozer’s recent book Remythologizing Theology: Divine Action, Passion, and Authorship (Cambridge University Press, 2010). Many readers will know that Vanhoozer is arguably the most influential evangelical theologian in North America. The guest editor for this volume of STR is Mark Bowald of Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. The table of contents is as follows:

Introduction to the Volume – Heath Thomas (pp. 1-2)

A Generous Reformer: Kevin Vanhoozer’s Place in Evangelicalism – Mark Bowald (pp. 3-9)

A Critical Appreciation of Kevin Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology – Stephen J. Wellum (pp. 11-29)

Remythologizing, Projection, and Belief: A Reply to Vanhoozer – Oliver D. Crisp (pp. 31-40)

God, Plurality, and Theological Method: A Response to Kevin Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology – John R. Franke (pp. 41-51)

Honest to God, a Voice from Heaven? Communicative Theism in Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology – Fred Sanders (pp. 53-65)

Vanhoozer Responds to the Four Horsemen of an Apocalyptic Panel Discussion on Remythologizing Theology – Kevin J. Vanhoozer (pp. 67-82)

In addition to the essays, the journal contains numerous book reviews from SEBTS faculty members and other scholars including John Wilsey, Christoph Stenschke, Allen Gehring, Mark Gignilliat, Kevin Chen, Jason T. LeCureux, Marc Pugliese, Ian Rottenberg, Mark Bowald, and Randy McKinion.

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