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Last week, I wrote a post titled “Pray for Our Military Chaplains.” I received some great feedback from readers, all of which was very positive. At the end of that post, I made the following recommendation:

One closing suggestion. In partnership with our International Mission Board, many local churches have adopted unreached people groups in recent years. This has been a great way to connect our churches with our Southern Baptist foreign missionaries. Perhaps our churches could also partner with NAMB in adopting a military chaplain. Imagine if every chaplain had one or more churches praying for him by name, offering him personal spiritual encouragement, and partnering with him as he proclaims Christ to our Armed Services personnel.

I received an email from Mike Ebert, who serves as vice president for communications at North American Mission Board. Mike pointed me to a section on the NAMB website that provides resources to help churches more closely minister to chaplains in particular and military personnel in general. Those resources include prayer cards, videos, and a forthcoming guide for holding a chaplain commissioning service. I hope many of our churches will avail themselves of these resources and adopt one of more of our Southern Baptist military chaplains.

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