Biblical and Practical Thoughts on Parenting, Part 20: The Danger Zone

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting teenagers comes when advising them in relationships. Here are some thoughts on “the danger zone” of dating.

Your relationship is definitely not true love…

  • When you are expected to compromise your values (to have sex or any other physical contact that is inappropriate, for example, or to lie to your parents so you can be together).
  • When you are expected to compromise your health by drinking or taking drugs.
  • When you are expected to change your appearance (by losing more weight than you should, wearing more makeup than you prefer or dressing in a style you aren’t comfortable with).
  • When the person you’re seeing hits you or uses any kind of physical force.  (Don’t dismiss this by saying this only happens when he or she is drunk.  That in itself is a danger sign).
  • When the person you are seeing takes pleasure in insulting you.
  • When you are in the relationship to please or impress others, such as friends or parents.
  • When one person’s needs are more significant than the other person’s needs. (Girls, take note: There is something in a lot of us that wants to fix the problems of other.  But if your guy has a drug or drinking problem or other serious emotional struggle, it will take much more than your concern to solve the problem).
  • When sexual attraction is the focus of the relationship.  (Clue: You don’t spend much time talking).

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