Biblical and Practical Thoughts on Parenting, Part 15: Family Discipline

As we have been going through this series, we have moved into the area of considering best practices for discipline. Here are some requisites to consider, both negative and positive. The chart below helps give a visual understanding of how to balance support and control, with the goal of holding an “authoritative” posture.




1) Compare one child with another.

2) Use scorn, ridicule, or humiliation-especially in areas of weakness.

3) Threaten withdrawal of affection.

4) Promise with bribes and rewards.

5) Discipline when angry.

6) Expect perfection.

7) Be afraid to say “no.”



1) Disobedience is primarily against God.

2) Impart the expectancy of obedience.

3) Help the child to evaluate his disobedience.

4) Allow the child to express his own viewpoint.

5) Restore the fellowship after the discipline.

6) Remember: the goal of discipline is not outward conformity but inward

transformation and conviction.

7) Study the Lord as an example of the greatest disciplinarian.

Chart for Blog post 15







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