SEBTS’s Michael Travers Joins Paul Fiddes and Others for New Book on C. S. Lewis

For those readers with an admiration for C. S. Lewis, Michael Travers’s commentary on Lewis’s writings provides rich and sumptuous fare. Travers’s most recent contribution is an essay in the forthcoming volume, C. S. Lewis’s Perelandra: Reshaping the Image of the Cosmos (Kent State University Press; July 2013). This work brings together a world-class group of literary and theological scholars and Lewis specialists that includes Paul S. Fiddes, Monika B. Hilder, Sanford Schwartz, Michael Travers, and Michael Ward. 

For those of BtT’s readers who are uninitiated, Lewis’s Perelandra is a theologically ambitious piece of imaginative science fiction writing. The Kent State volume emphasizes its theological nature and shows how the novel synthesizes cosmology, mythology, and Christianity. The first selection of essays treats cosmology, while the second selection treats morality and meaning. For those interested in Lewis, sci-fi, literature, and theology (and all combined), pick up a copy of this new volume here.

We invite you to attend The College at Southeastern or Southeastern Seminary, where you can study C. S. Lewis under Dr. Travers’ tutelage.

Dr. Travers (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is Professor of English at The College at Southeastern, where he also serves as Associate Vice President and Senior Fellow of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture. He is the author of The Devotional Experience in the Poetry of John Milton (Edwin Mellen), Encountering God in the Psalms (Kregel), and co-author with Richard D. Patterson of Face to Face With God: Human Images of God in the Bible (Biblical Studies Press), and has published articles in Bibliotheca Sacra, Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Baker), Journal of Evangelical Theological Society, and Westminster Theological Journal. Dr. Travers is known as a master teacher, a mentor to young faculty, and a fine writer.

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  1. John Rollyson   •  

    I can’t wait to get a copy. Perelandra is my favorite fiction book by lewis.

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