Biblical and Practical Thoughts on Parenting, Part 11: Reality Checks for the Family

Today’s post in our series on parenting is a fairly simple one. It’s a list from Dr. Kevin Leman in his book Keeping Your Family Together. And while it may be simple, its wisdom runs deep. Consider these ten “reality checks” in how you participate in your own family.

  1. The whole is always more important than the parts.
  2. Have values, and live by them.
  3. Always put your spouse (not the kids) first.  (For single parents, sometimes put yourself first).
  4. Balance responsibility with forgiveness and love.
  5. Stick to your principles.
  6. Keep responsibility where it belongs.
  7. Treat people like persons, not things.
  8. Use guidance, not force; action, not just words.
  9. Be consistent, decisive and respectful of your children as persons.
  10. Hold your children accountable for their actions, and help them learn from experience.



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