SEBTS Welcomes Edgar Aponte (Director of Hispanic Leadership Development)

We at BtT wish to welcome Edgar Aponte to the Southeastern family. Mr. Aponte hails from the Dominican Republic and joins us as Director of Hispanic Leadership Development. In his new role at SEBTS, Mr. Aponte will work under John Ewart’s leadership as part of SEBTS’ Global Theological Initiatives.

Mr. Aponte will work with current and potential partners in the development of Spanish-language training initiatives. These initiatives will include partnerships with already-existing Hispanic ministries in the state and around the nation, the creation of Spanish-language courses for on-campus and distance learning students, and the creation of Spanish language certificate programs. He will act as a consultant for SEBTS’ Center for Great Commission Studies on projects involving Spanish-language ministry, and will coordinate with Mr. Walter Strickland (Special Advisor to the President on Diversity) for the purpose of promoting greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the SEBTS and SBC communities.

Mr. Aponte’s role is significant in the life of SEBTS. One of our institution-wide strategic goals is for SEBTS to reflect the Revelation 5 vision of a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-national community of worshipers. We pray for God to send us an increasingly multi-ethnic faculty, staff, and student body. Toward that end, we eagerly anticipate the soon-arrival of both Mr. Aponte and Mr. Strickland as they help us create an educational community that is maximally hospitable to learners from every walk of life, racial, ethnic, or cultural background.

Before coming to the United States, Mr. Aponte served as the Minister Counselor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic. As Minister Counselor, he served alongside the Ambassador Robert Saladin in coordinating the political relations between the Dominican Republic and the United States. Mr. Aponte will be working on his Ph.D. in Theological Studies, with a concentration in Systematic Theology, under the supervision of Dr. John Hammett. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration, a graduate degree in Corporate Finance, an M.B.A (Management), and an M.Div (Christian Ministry).

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  1. Ant Greenham   •  

    Dear Mr. Aponte

    Wecome! It will be great to have another former diplomat on faculty.

    Lord Bless

    Ant Greenham, Ph.D.
    Former South African Charge d’Affaires in Jordan

  2. Martie Mangum   •  

    Congratulations Edgar. I am delighted to see what the Lord has been doing in and through you.

    I’m praying the Lord would use you mightily in expanding His Kingdom among all peoples.

    Grace and Peace,
    Martie Mangum

  3. Shawn   •  

    Mi hermano!

    Let me know if there is anything that The Library can do to help you! If you see that our collection is lacking in resources that will help, let us know and we will get them!

    Shawn C. Madden, Ph.D., Major, USMC (retired)
    Associate Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament || Director of The Library, SEBTS
    114 N. Wingate || Wake Forest, NC 27587 || (919) 761-2250 || (919) 761-2150 (fax)
    הגיד לך אדם מה־טוב ומה־י־־ה דורשׁ ממך
    כי אם־עשׂות משׁפט ואהבת חסד והצנע כת עם־אלהיך׃

  4. Mike Dodson   •  


    Excited to hear this news! Look forward to meeting you and working together in advancing the Great Commission.


    Mike Dodson, Mobilization Missionary/NAMB
    Assoc. Dir. & Professor of NA Church Planting/SEBTS

  5. John Ewart   •  

    I cannot express how excited we are to have Edgar joining our Global Theological Initiative team. He will add an incredible new dimension to our efforts and help us tremendously with our existing Spanish-speaking partners around the world!

  6. Stephen Eccher   •  

    A big congrats on the new position, Edgar. I am looking forward to your arrival here at SEBTS this summer and stoked to labor alongside you for the gospel and the glory of our King.

  7. Nathan Finn   •  

    Welcome to SEBTS, Edgar. We’re glad you’re joining our team. You’ll love studying with Dr. Hammett. He is a true scholar-gentleman who loves the Lord, the church, and the lost.

    Nathan Finn

  8. Matt M   •  

    Welcome, Edgar! Excited to have you on board here at SEBTS.

  9. Raudel   •  

    Esto es una respuesta a nuestras oraciones. Mi querido hermano Aponte, bienvenido a NC, le deseamos lo mejor y espero conocerlo pronto.

    ¡Un abrazo!

    Raudel Hernandez
    Pastor, Summit en Español
    The Summit Church

  10. George Robinson   •  

    Bienvenidos nuestro hermano! Welcome to the SEBTS family. I’m thrilled for the opportunities that the Lord has in store for us as we all labor together in His strength and for His glory. Looking forward to meeting you.
    George Robinson, D.Miss.
    Assistant Professor of Missions & Evangelism
    Headrick Chair of World Missions

  11. Chuck Lawless   •  

    Glad to have you on board with us! Good things are ahead.

  12. Martha Phillips   •  

    ¡Dios le bendiga y el ministerio tan grande que le espera aquí en SEBTS! La cosecha es grande. ¡Estaré orando!

    Martha Phillips
    Adjunctive Lecturer in Spanish

  13. Edgar Aponte   •  

    I’m very grateful and humbled by your warm reception. I’m looking forward to arriving at SEBTS and start serving along you. Drs. Greenham, Madden, Dodson, Ewart, Eccher, Finn, Robinson, Lawless, I look forward to working with you. You all are very kind.

    Matt, thank you.

    Martie, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I assume much has changed since the last time we spoke at the SBC in NOLA.

    In Christ,


  14. Edgar Aponte   •  

    Hermano Raudel y hermana Martha,

    Muchas gracias por sus palabras de bienvenida. Estoy muy entusiasmado por la oportunidad que el Señor nos ha dado. Una de mis oraciones es que podamos servirle a la iglesia hispana en el cumplimiento de la Gran Comisión y glorificar a Cristo a través de la predicación de Su Evangelio.



  15. Ken Keathley   •  


    Welcome, my brother! I’m so glad that you are coming to Southeastern. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you.


    Ken Keathley
    Professor of Theology
    Director of the Bush Center for Faith and Culture

  16. Edgar Aponte   •  

    Dr. Keathley,
    Thank you! I’m very glad to be part of Southeastern. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and working with you too.

  17. Alejandro Molero   •  

    Felicitaciones Compa!
    Ruego a Dios que guie tus pasos para bendecir a la iglesia latina!
    Cuenta conmigo en Venezuela!
    Un abrazo y Mil Bendiciones

  18. John Burkett   •  

    Welcome, Edgar. I am glad you will join us soon and look forward to getting to know you. Also, please let me know how the Writing Center can serve you in your various honorary roles. Many blessings.

  19. Jonas Perez   •  

    Bienvenido hermano Edgar.
    Desde Salisbury, sirviendo a Dios en castellano y en ingles, otro egresado de SEBTS desde 2001.

    Jonas Perez

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