New Edition of Southeastern Theological Review

We at Between the Times would like to make you aware of the recent edition of Southeastern Theological Review (vol. 3, no. 2). This edition’s essays center on the gospel. As Heath Thomas (STR Editor) states in the introduction:

“For those outside of the Church, the gospel is irrelevant and ignored . . . The challenge for the Church is how to communicate the truth of the gospel in a world that is indifferent to its message . . . Yet, in the face of this, the world is confronted with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its very force as [Leslie] Newbigin maintains, is that it is true and that it is ‘public truth.’ A pressing challenge for the Church today lies in her embrace of this public truth,[1] the good news message that reaches as far and wide as God’s kingdom. The present volume of STR . . . engages the theme of ‘the gospel’ in order to provide greater clarity and nuance on its meaning and implications” (p. 150).

So this edition examines and explains the gospel from several directions. Articles and contributors are as follows:

1. “The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Its Meaning, Implications, and Modern Understanding”

STR Editor

2. “The King Jesus Gospel”

STR Interviews Dr. Scot McKnight (Northern Seminary)

3. “The Gospel Crisis and American Evangelicals.”

Harry Lee Poe (Union University)

4. “Victory, Atonement, Restoration, and Response:  The Shape of the New Testament Canon and the Holistic Gospel Message.”

Matthew Emerson (California Baptist University)

5. “Preaching Old Testament Law to New Testament Christians.”

Daniel I. Block (Wheaton College)

6. “One More Look at Martha’s ‘Perfect’ Statement in John 11:27.”

Francis M. Macatangay (University of Saint Thomas, School of Theology)

7. “Be Holy: A Sermon on 1 Pet. 1:13-21.”

J.D. Greear (The Summit Church)

8. “The Bible and its Long and Variegated Reception in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in Literature, the Visual Arts, Music and Film: A Presentation and Review of the First Volumes of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2009–)”

Christoph W. Stenschke (University of Pretoria)

Visit the STR website (here) to find out more about the mission of STR, past editions, and subscribe. Keep an eye out for the Summer 2013 edition, which will be dedicated to critical interaction with Kevin Vanhoozer’s recent book, Remythologizing Theology (Cambridge, 2010).

[1] Leslie Newbigin, Truth to Tell: The Gospel as Public Truth (London: SPCK, 1991).

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