Earn Seminary Credit for Attending The Gospel Coalition, IX Marks, Advance the Church, or Send North America

Thank you for having been about to ask. Yes, Southeastern Seminary is offering undergraduate and graduate credit for attending conferences on Southeastern’s campus or select conferences throughout the country. For example, students can receive on-campus credit for conference classes such as 9Marks, 20/20, and Advance. Or students can attend external conferences such as Secret Church, The Gospel Coalition, and Send North America. Both avenues are creative ways to learn and earn credit.

Regardless of where the conference is held, students should always register for both the conference (hit the links above) and the seminary/college class through the Registrar’s office (registrar@sebts.edu). In order to receive course credit, students will need to attend all sessions for the conference as well as any additional classroom time and assignments included in the course syllabus.

Visit the Southeastern distance learning website for more info, and remember to contact the Registrar’s office to make it official.

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  1. David R. Brumbelow   •  

    Can a student receive credit for attending the John 3:16 Conference, 2013 presented by Jerry Vines and hosted by Frank Cox?
    David R. Brumbelow

  2. Bruce Ashford   •     Author

    Pastor David,

    Great to hear from you. Yes, we offer credit for more conferences each year than I mentioned in this blogpost. If a SEBTS prof is willing to put together a class for a particular conference, we’ll give credit for it. We just gave credit for FBC Jax conference. We would give credit for John 3:16, Johnny Hunt’s conference, etc.


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