Book Notice: “Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart” by J.D. Greear

J. D. Greear is at it again. In his new book, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How to Know For Sure You Are Saved (B&H), J.D. provides a biblical-theological response to the question many Christians find themselves asking: “Am I saved?” As J. D. informs the reader, he is not only a pastor who helps his congregation deal with this question, he is also a Christian who in the past struggled to answer this question regarding his own salvation. As the first chapter indicates, Greear was baptized four times because he did not know the biblical basis for an assurance of salvation. As he notes, the flip-side of this coin is false assurance for those who have “walked the aisle” (pp. 3–6).

Thus Greear sets out in his book to address the dual problem of doubt, or false assurance, that affects so many. Following the first chapter, which sets the table, chapters 2–8 provide biblical response. Chapter 2 explores whether God wants us to have assurance (he does). Chapters 3–5 explore the nature of the gospel and faith and repentance, which are integral to one’s actual salvation. Chapter 6 investigates the numerous passages of warning and exhortation to perseverance in the Bible and squares these with “assurance of salvation” questions. Chapters 7–8, then, describe the evidence of genuine faith (ch. 7) and what to do with doubt (ch. 8).

Throughout his book Greear reasserts a main theme, that one’s (any genuine Christian’s) faith “has now found a resting place: the finished work of Christ” (p. 112). By providing a robust defense of the penal substitutionary atonement (ch. 3; Appendix 2) of Christ and relying on the wisdom of 1 John, for instance, Greear points perpetual doubters back to what Christ has already done.

This book is helpful for any person who needs to hear the gospel, but also helpful for pastors, teachers, and counselors who helps others answer this question: “Am I saved?”




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