SEBTS Contributions to the Lastest Issue of Themelios

As many of you no doubt already know, Themelios is a refereed journal of evangelical scholarship published online by The Gospel Coalition since 2008. For many years prior, the journal was published as a tradition print journal in the United Kingdom by the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship. Many of the best-known evangelical scholars in the English-speaking world have written for Themelios over the years. The current general editor for Themelios is D.A. Carson. Southeastern’s own Nathan Finn serves as one of the book review editors.

The latest edition of Themelios dropped today. As always, it deserves a close read from scholars, students, and pastors alike. We at Between the Times wanted to alert our readers to two articles and several book reviews written by SEBTS faculty members and students.


Andreas Köstenberger has written an article titled “The Present and Future of Biblical Theology.” Köstenberger is senior research professor of New Testament and biblical theology at SEBTS.

Pete Schemm has written an article titled “The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation.” Shemm, who was a longtime faculty member and administrator at Southeastern, is now pastor of Cave Springs Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA and visiting professor of theology at SEBTS.

Book Reviews

Benjamin Quinn reviewed Brad Green’s Colin Gunton and the Failure of Augustine: The Theology of Colin Gunton in Light of Augustine (James Clarke, 2012). Quinn is Instructor of Theology and History of Ideas at SEBTS.

Nathan Finn reviewed Chris Chun’s The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards in the Theology of Andrew Fuller (Brill, 2012). Finn is associate professor of historical theology and Baptist Studies at SEBTS.

Finn also reviewed David Bebbington’s Victorian Religious Revivals: Culture and Piety in Local and Global Contexts (Oxford University Press, 2012).

Andrew Spencer reviewed David Horrell’s The Bible and the Environment: Towards a Critical Ecological Biblical Theology (Equinox, 2010). Spencer is a PhD student studying Christian ethics at SEBTS.

We would encourage you to read these articles and reviews, as well as all the other great material in Themelios. You can read each piece individually, or you can download the entire issue as a PDF document from the Themelios website.

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