Ed Stetzer on the Death of Cultural Christianity

Between the Times contributor Ed Stetzer recently wrote a fine essay for his blog titled “Christianity Isn’t Dying, Cultural Christianity Is: Talking about the Future of Christianity in USA Today.” The essay was an expansion of a shorter article he published on the USA Today website. Ed’s longer piece was subsequently reprinted as a First Person column for Baptist Press and has been quoted widely on the internet.

Ed is responding to the recent Pew Forum data indicating a numeric decline among American Protestants coupled with a significant rise in the number of people who are indifferent to organized religion. He concludes,

Even in the shadow of the decline of cultural and nominal religion, the future of vibrant Christianity in America is all around us.

The future of Christianity in America is not extinction but clarification that a devout faith is what will last.

Christianity in America isn’t dying, cultural Christianity is. I am glad to see it go.

We couldn’t agree more. We’d highly encourage you to read Ed’s entire essay.


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