Briefly Noted: John Hammett on “What Makes a Multi-Site Church One Church?”

We at BtT want to make you aware of an article recently published by SEBTS theologian John Hammett: “What Makes a Multi-Site Church One Church?” The thing that makes this article interesting, IMO, is that Hammett does not give a sweeping approval of multi-site models, on the one hand, or a sweeping dismissal, on the other. Instead, heargues that some multi-site churches are biblically sound models, while others are not.

Hammett writes, “This article examines the phenomenon of the multi-site church movement in light of the historic belief in the oneness of the church. It discusses historic understandings of oneness, the definition of oneness used by multi-site advocates, and the single most commonly raised objection to multi-site churches, that they fail to assemble. It evaluates the validity of that objection and multi-site churches as a whole, and finds that the oneness of a local church in the New Testament requires relational and geographical closeness that most multi-site churches lack.”

The article can be accessed at the Great Commission Research Journal website.


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