Book Notice: The Questioning God by Ant Greenham

Humans are—or should be—beings who ask questions. This proposition forms the secondary thesis of a new book by Ant Greenham, Assistant Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies at Southeastern, entitled The Questioning God. Underlying this thesis is Greenham’s first: that God asks questions of his creation. As Greenham states, “God not only expects engagement but engagement with himself” (pp. 4-5, emphasis added). Thus humans, as created in the image of God, ought to ask questions that help them discern how to live in this world. The three major monotheistic religions of the world offer distinctive and contrasting answers to these questions. We spoke with Dr. Greenham about his new book and its place in the on-going human conversation about God, humanity, questions, and answers.

Here is what Dr. Greenham says about his book:

“A questioning approach lies at the heart of our relationship with God. That’s how God engages us. In fact, questioning (or free inquiry), is central to our being human. Yet the major monotheistic religions vary markedly on this matter. In The Questioning God, I briefly examine the three major monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, to see how they relate to questioning. This includes questions that God asks us, and the questions that we ask (or don’t ask) about God and our religious traditions. A goal is to develop a rudimentary biblical theology of questioning in the process. This means I must come to know the questioning God. Then, as he engages me as a questioning being, I should treat you as a questioning being too.”

Christians of every walk stripe will benefit from book. To purchase Dr. Greenham’s new book, click here or here.



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  1. Fred Rickson   •  

    This presupposes that there is a god, and that we are receiving questions……two strikes already, one more and your out.

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