One Big Reason Why I Appreciate My Calvinist Brethren

One simple but very important reason why I thank God for my Calvinist brothers and sisters is that, at times, they stand for the truth when it seems no one else will. Justin Taylor, who did an excellent job last week speaking at Southeastern Seminary’s faculty workshop, has put up a post entitled “Is the God of Calvinism a Moral Monster?” Justin, along with Mark Driscoll and Kevin DeYoung were interviewed for a documentary entitled Hellbound? It appears they defended the traditional understanding of eternal punishment while others, such as Edward Fudge and Greg Boyd, argued for annihilationism.  Let’s be clear: the doctrine of everlasting punishment is not a Calvinist distinctive.  Rather, it’s the historic position of orthodox Christianity. 

Who hasn’t struggled with what the Bible teaches about Hell?  Who hasn’t felt the weight of passages which describe the destiny of the lost (such as Rev. 14:10, “And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night…”) ?  If I thought that annihiliationism were true, then I would gladly teach it regardless of the consequences.  But I don’t and so I can’t. The last thing we want to do is fail to warn clearly.  The gospel is exceedingly good news that people desperately, urgently need.  So this Molinist thanks you, Justin, for gracefully telling the truth.

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