Whether God is Really Dead and What You Can Do About It

Here are two great short articles on how to confront an unbelieving, skeptical culture from the latest issue of Christianity Today. 

The first article is called “A New Day for Apologetics” Premise: Christians went through a phase where they tended to think that gatling gun apologetics were the answers for everything (think Evidence that Demands a Verdict–Josh McDowell’s “end all, discussion-stopping proof” that Jesus was God.) The reaction to that has been to say that apologetics have no value because God is mysterious and Christianity is weird but doggonit I believe it… (think how some people used Blue Like Jazz.) This article is a great, biblically-balanced perspective that discusses what is a good and appropriate role for apologetics.

The second article is called “God is not dead yet.” It is by one of the most insightful Christian apologists alive, William Lane Craig.

These would certainly make a vigorous, but helpful, “start your work week” read.Print Friendly, PDF & Email