SEBTS Partners with The Church at Brook Hills, David Platt, and Jim Shaddix

We at BtT wish to welcome Dr. Jim Shaddix as a professor of preaching at Southeastern Seminary, and to make our readers aware of an exciting new partnership between Southeastern and The Church at Brook Hills. The Church at Brook Hills has released two videos which help explain this partnership and Dr. Shaddix’s role in it.

In the first video, David Platt speaks about Brook Hills’ recent initiative, The Institute for Disciple Making, which partners with Southeastern Seminary to train Christians for missional ministries at home and abroad. To see the video click here, and then click on the video entitled, “The Institute for Disciple Making.”

In the second video (accompanied by a brief blog), The Elder Council and Personnel Ministry Team communicate that they recommend Jim Shaddix to serve as Pastor for Teaching and Training, and provide the video as a way of allowing Dr. Shaddix to introduce himself.  As a member of the Pastoral Staff Team, Jim will serve in a variety of preaching, teaching and training contexts for Brook Hills, including the Institute for Disciple-Making.  This aspect of his role will be jointly supported by The Church at Brook Hills and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Shaddix is also a professor of preaching at Southeastern Seminary. To view a video interview with Shaddix about his role at Brook Hills and at Southeastern, click here.






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