William Carey’s 11 Resolutions

I found this recently in an excellent little biography I am reading, Faithful Witness (a biography of William Carey, the first “modern” Protestant missionary–18th century, to India) by Timothy George.

These are the 11 resolutions that Carey’s “missional community” in India made:

  1. To set an infinite value on men’s souls
  2. To acquaint ourselves with the snares which hold the minds of the people
  3. To abstain from whatever deepens India’s prejudice against the Gospel
  4. To watch for every chance of doing the people good
  5. To preach “Christ crucified” as the grand means of conversion
  6. To esteem and treat Indians always as our equals
  7. To guard and build up “the hosts that they may be gathered”
  8. To cultivate their spiritual gifts, ever pressing upon them from
    their missionary obligation, since Indians only can win India for Christ
  9. To labor unceasingly in biblical translation
  10. To be instant in the nurture of personal religion
  11. To give ourselves without reserve to the Cause, “not counting even the clothes we wear our own”
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  1. Nathan Finn   •  

    Ah, the Serampore Form of Agreement. Good stuff. It remains a key document that informs evangelical missiology.

  2. Dustin Conner   •  

    Has anyone written on the SFoA with a postmodern (or even now post-postmodern) landscape in mind? Contextualizing it for current North American Missiology? I’d love to read some about how these 11 resolutions are being translated and implemented now.

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