Excited To Announce The Launch of “Christ-Centered Exposition:” Exalting Jesus In Every Book Of The Bible

At the SBC in Phoenix last year, David Platt, Tony Merida and I sat down with the great folks at Broadman & Holman to dream and brainstorm about the possibility of an expositor’s preaching commentary that would be both expositional and Christ-centered. In other words we talked about how faithful, verse by verse, exposition of the whole Bible could properly point to Christ as Jesus Himself taught us in text like John 5:39, Luke 24:25-27 and Luke 24:44-47. Well, that vision has come to fruition.

In the spring 2013 the 1st of a 40 volume preacher’s commentary entitled “Christ-Centered Exposition” will be published. David Platt, Tony Merida and I have the great honor of serving as the editors of the project as well as authoring together the first volume. The initial volume will be “Exalting Jesus in the Pastoral Epistles.” David will produce 1 Timothy, Tony will write 2 Timothy and I will pen Titus. The goal is for the entire series to be complete in 10 years! We certainly need your prayers for that goal to be met!!!

By God’s grace we have enlisted an incredible array of contributors for the series. We thought you might be encouraged and excited by the list of authors who are currently assigned to help us in this significant project, so I have listed them below. It will be apparent that the authors are all committed evangelicals, the majority are Southern Baptists, and most are on the younger side when it comes to age. That was by intention. Further, the Southern Baptists contributors represent the healthy diversity of theological perspectives that exist within our convention of churches within the parameters of the BF&M 2000. And, 6 of the contributors are African-Americans which is a real plus in my judgment.

Now, we recognize in a project of this magnitude there may be some adjustments along the way, but as of today those are the men who will participate and the book(s) they have been assigned.

Our goals in all of this are several. Above all we want to exalt and honor King Jesus. Second, we want to model faithful, biblical exposition. In this context we are excited to show the appropriate differences that exist within in this preaching model. Third, we want a strong missional thread running throughout the series. Building Christ’s Church and extending the gospel to all the nations will be a consistent focus of this series. Finally, for all who preach and teach the Bible, it is our hope and prayer you will be helped in your own ministry of the Word. These are exciting days for the Church of the Lord Jesus. The faithful preaching of His Word, as always, is essential to the health and vibrancy of His Body. May our Lord by His grace and for His glory, use this series for the fame of His Name and the great good of His people.

                                      The Old Testament

Genesis  Volume I Russ Moore
Genesis Volume II Russ Moore
Exodus Tony Merida
Leviticus Allan Moseley
Numbers David Prince
Deuteronomy Al Mohler
Joshua Robert Smith
Judges / Ruth Eric Redmond / David Platt
1 & 2 Samuel J. D. Greear / Heath Thomas
1 & 2 Kings Tony Merida / Jim Hamilton
1 & 2 Chronicles Danny Akin / Adam Dooley
Ezra / Nehemiah Tony Merida  / Jim Hamilton
Esther Jimmy Scroggins
Job Tullian Tchvidjian
Psalms  Volume I Danny Akin / Josh Smith
Psalms Volume II David Platt/ Jim Shaddix
Psalms Volume III Danny Akin / Tony Merida/ Johnny Hunt
Proverbs Jon Akin / Danny Akin
Ecclesiastes Darrin Patrick
Song of Solomon Danny Akin
Isaiah Andy Davis
Jeremiah / Lamentations Steven Smith
Ezekiel Landon Dowden
Daniel Danny Akin
Hosea / Joel Kevin Smith
Amos / Obadiah Greg Heisler
Jonah / Micah Eric Redmond / Bill Curtis
Nahum / Habakkuk Ken Fentress
Zephaniah / Haggai Micah Fries
Zechariah / Malachi Stephen Rummage / Robby Gallaty


The New Testament

Matthew David Platt
Sermon on the Mount Tony Merida
Mark Danny Akin
Luke Thabiti Anyabwile
John Matt Carter
Acts David Platt / Jimmy Scroggins
Romans David Platt
1 Corinthians James Merritt / Danny Akin
2 Corinthians Eric Mason
Galatians Tony Merida / David Platt
Ephesians Tony Merida
Philippians Tony Merida
Colossians / Philemon Matt Chandler / Danny Akin
1&2 Thessalonians Mark Howell
1&2 Timothy / Titus Tony Merida / David Platt / Danny Akin
Hebrews Al Mohler
James David Platt / Francis Chan
1 Peter Mark Dever
2 Peter / Jude Mark Dever / Danny Akin
1st, 2nd, 3rd John Danny Akin
Revelation Danny Akin


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  1. James   •  

    This is great news! Looking forward to having it.

  2. Ronnie Jones III   •  

    Could not be more excited. Love these guys who love making much of Jesus.

  3. Josh   •  

    Wow. Get this thing off the press! Excited, guys!

  4. Dan Kassis   •  

    Really looking forward to this resource.

  5. Shaun   •  

    This series sounds great but one typical mistake that commentary series editors make is not inviting enough different people to write. There has to be more Christ-centered preachers than the ones listed here. Give the other “lesser-known” guys a chance. … There will be too little variety in this set to be of wider appeal. As usual, the Southern Baptists will buy whatever B&H publishes, but it will remain limited in its scope because of its intent. If they really wants to maintain their goal, they should find more Christ-centered preachers who know how to preach and/or write and let them make their contribution. Just my two cents.

  6. Chad Whitley   •  

    Awesome! Will there be a way to “subscribe” via standing order to receive new volumes as they are published?

  7. Elaine Akin Hill   •  

    This is going to be a God sized project. I can see this being a huge tool to many and so great a number of Godly men to pen their wisdom of the word… excited!

  8. Gary Lankford   •  

    I will be lookimg forward to buying this set….I will order it next week…will it be finished by then? :-)

  9. Mark Littleton   •  

    I just drooled on my keyboard a little… ;-) Seriously, this should be a great series. Looking forward to it!

  10. Dave Moser   •  

    I’m waiting for this with bated breath!

    I do, however, agree with Shaun in that the selection of authors looks really slim. It’s unfortunate that Presbyterians like Tim Keller and George Schwab were excluded.

  11. scott parkison   •  

    wow. fantastic. I will purchase every volume. What about inviting Bryan Chapell to contribute a volume or two??

  12. D.R. Randle   •  

    10 YEARS!! Man, I need it now! It’s tough sledding trying to find OT commentaries that faithfully express Biblical Theology in a way helpful for pastors. Thankfully for the vision of Tony, David, and Dr. Akin.

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  14. Nori Anderson   •  

    The series looks great! I look forward to when we can see these book in print. I would add a caution, however, about the limited scope of the contributors. A Christ-centered biblical theological series of exposition like this should make use of solid spiritual redwoods in the evangelical forest…no?
    Still grateful though :)

  15. Daniel   •  

    Any plans to release this on Logos as of yet?

  16. Ian Thompson   •  

    If you want to see a commentary series with similar aims – but with a mixture of well-known but equally talented not so well known authors – then look up the Reformed Expository Commentary Series from P&R. They are also redemptive historical and expositional but will have a more consistent hermeneutic.

  17. Rick Patrick   •  

    “Further, the Southern Baptist contributors represent the healthy diversity of theological perspectives that exist within our convention of churches within the parameters of the BF&M 2000.”

    And that diversity appears stunningly to run the full gamut from Four Pointers to Five Pointers, like Mohler, Platt, Dever, Chan, Chandler, Akin, Moore, Patrick and Tchvidjian. Absent, of course, are names like Patterson, Vines, Allen, Lemke, Yarnell and Gaines.

    Real talk, my friends? This does not appear to be a diverse theological group. It appears to be every bit as much of a Calvinist promotional tool as is The Gospel Project Sunday School curriculum at Lifeway.

  18. Mark Payton   •  

    I can only imagine how much “Calvinistic Theology” will be in these writings considering most of the authors…God help us!

  19. Mark Payton   •  

    I can only imagine how much “Calvinistic Theology” will be in these writings considering most of the authors…God help us

  20. Mark Payton   •  

    Well you didn’t my last comment. If seems to me you are making sure your comment section leans toward the positive side more then negitive (only one). Just like your authors leans toward Calvinism. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS. still let me say God help us!!!

  21. concernedsbcer   •  

    I find it unfortunate no biblical scholars are among the contributors, only preaching and theology guys.

  22. Andy McDonald   •  

    Very nice post. I merely became aware of your blog site in addition to desired to say that We’ve genuinely liked searching your site discussions. In the end I’m going to be subscribing in your rss feed i i do hope you generate once more before long!

  23. Barry   •  

    @19 thru 23: I fail to see where the desire to be more inclusive would satisfy everyone. The Spirit apparently has led these men to address (higher) ambitions directed toward the sovereignty and glory of God thru love for people, missions, and disciple-making.

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