Love Students and Student Ministry? We Need You

Recently I spoke at a local Baptist Association not far from Wake Forest. I ran into some of our students and grads who serve churches there as pastors and student pastors. I met others not affiliated with Southeastern directly as well. We had an enjoyable time of fellowship and worship, but I was reminded how much we need each other for encouragement and support as we seek to fulfill our various callings.


Southeastern Seminary seeks to equip student pastors to be more than glorified activity directors or baby sitters, but to be disciple-making, gospel-driven leaders who equip students and parents to live missionally in their communities as well as to develop a heart for the nations. We are blessed to have outstanding leaders to help in the academic preparation of student pastors with men like Dr. Jimmy Scroggins, long time student pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville and now pastor of the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, Florida, and Jeff Lovingood, a 30 year veteran of student ministry and current SEBTS Doctor of Ministry student.


We also partner with outstanding ministries like Student Leadership University.  But we want to get better at preparing and at partnering for the glory of God and the sake of the gospel.  We need your help.


If you have any interest in the coming generation of students: if you serve as a student pastor or intern, as a volunteer, Sunday school teacher, or if you are a parent, we want to know about you. If you are a pastor who has a great love for students, or if you serve with a parachurch ministry relating to students, we want to know you as well. If you serve in a Christian school, we also want to know you and see how we can help you minister to your students.


Why? Because 1) you can help us better prepare pastors who will serve churches and ministries who work with students; 2) we want to keep you informed of upcoming events and opportunities, from to conferences, like our annual 20/20 conference ;3) in particular if you are within a three-hour radius of SEBTS we want to help to develop a network of student pastors who can get to know one another to encourage and resource our various ministries.


Here is what we would like to ask of you:

1)   Please join our Facebook group “SEBTS & Student Ministry.” You do not have to be affiliated with Southeastern to be a part!

2)   Please take just a couple of minutes to email us the following information, Email to

Your Name:

Your Email:

Phone Number(s):

Mailing Address:

Church Membership (and parachurch ministry if you are involved with one):

Primary way you relate to students (student pastor, pastor, parent, Sunday school teacher, etc):


Finally, mark your calendar for October 11 from noon to 5. You will hear from Jeff Lovingood on recruiting and working with volunteers, from me on a missional vision for student ministry, and others, including fellow student pastors. A large part of our time will be given for dialogue on current issues of student ministry.  This conference is actually growing out of a class called Missional Student Ministry Jeff and I will be teaching that week. By the way, folks take that class from all over the country, so join us for the week if you can.


We need each other. We can learn from each other and encourage one another. I hope you will join with us to do this—together.

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