Book Notice: “Marriage and Family: Biblical Essentials” by Andreas Köstenberger and David Jones

Recent rulings on gay marriage and debates on family-related issues have placed marriage and family at the forefront of the public eye. More so than at any point in history, we are now confronted with the need to carefully define the meaning of marriage and family.[1] In the light of this reality Crossway has recently published Marriage and the Family: Biblical Essentials, by Southeastern’s very own Andreas Köstenberger and David Jones. The book is an abridgment of the authors’ well-received God, Marriage, and Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation (2d ed., 2010).

Like its parent volume, Marriage and the Family seeks to provide a biblical-theological treatment of marriage and family by drawing upon the entire canon of Scripture and from the whole biblical narrative. The unifying factor is the Triune God who created man and woman in his image and called them to become one flesh. Marriage and the Family then traces the implications and expansions of this theology throughout the Bible (ch. 1). Chapters 2–8 explore the multiple facets of this theology and its application to very (post)“modern” issues: sex, reproductive technologies, homosexuality, singleness, divorce and remarriage, and parenting receive thorough biblical investigation.

The benefit of Marriage and the Family is its function as an abridgement. Its manageable size makes it a great resource for small group study, personal reading, and as an introduction to or reminder of the larger argument of God, Marriage, and Family.

Andreas J. Köstenberger is senior professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Southeastern Baptist. David W. Jones serves as Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Coordinator of Th.M. and Thesis Studies at Southeastern. Jake Pratt, PhD student in Biblical Theology at Southeastern, assisted with the abridgment.

[1] Taken from the back cover of Marriage and the Family: Biblical Essentials (Wheaton: Crossway, 2012).

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