The Best Way to Share Christ :: Connect Someone to the Bible

These resources (See For Yourself; Getting Connected; Taste and See) are a very helpful (and easy!) way to begin a discussion about Christ with others. They help you get the other person in the word, which is our most powerful weapon. See discussion below on the best way to use them. Feel free to print them out, and put them to good use!

I tried to emphasize this past weekend that it’s very simple to share your faith with others. Seriously–anyone can do it. Some of the most effective “evangelists” in Scripture had known Christ for about 10 minutes (John 1:40-41; 4:39-41; 9:25).

I think one of the best things to do is invite people to study the Bible, on their own, and then offer to get together with them to talk about what they are reading. Martin Luther once likened the Bible to a caged lion. When the lion is challenged, there really is no need to defend it. Just let it out of the cage!

In much the same way, when people read the Scriptures, the Spirit of God will work in their own hearts. There is nothing as powerful as the Bible itself.

Each file linked below has a set of thirty-one passages to be read for each day of the month. Along with each passage are questions that help bring clarity to the verses. Print these out and give them to a friend, ask them to reflect on them; to write out (as instructed in the documents) in a few sentences what they see as the main thought, and then, in a sentence or two, what it means to them; then arrange to get back together in a week or so to discusswhat they are learning. It’s good stuff!

Just the other day one of our pastoral team members had a friend who received Christ after only three weeks of reading through these passages.

See For Yourself

Getting Connected

Taste and See

Each of these can be used separately, depending on who you think would benefit. Read through these on your own and then give them away. I’m excited to hear stories of transformed hearts as more people are given access to the word of God!
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