100 Days of Schaeffer

Thank you for having been about to ask. Yes, Southeastern’s Bush Center for Faith & Culture (CFC) is recognizing Francis Schaeffer’s 100th birthday, and doing so by celebrating his life and work for 100 days. We invite you to join the celebration by interacting on the CFC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, where SEBTS faculty and selected evangelical leaders from around the world will be commenting on Schaeffer’s life, giving their favorite Schaeffer quotes, and otherwise honoring the man. To access the celebration, click here.

For those of our readership who are not aware, the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation has entrusted Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with the papers and correspondence of the late theologian, apologist, and evangelist. His son-in-law Udo Middelman made the presentation in Southeastern’s chapel last year , on behalf of the Schaeffer Foundation. To access the official press release, click here.

The collection includes select unpublished papers and correspondence, source materials, notes, and recorded discussions of Schaeffer, who is also the author of 27 books. The collection has been placed under the direction of Bruce Little, professor of Christian philosophy and director of SEBTS’s L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture.

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