Christopher Wright on The Christian Mission

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary had the privilege this week of hosting Christopher Wright for the annual Page Lectures. Dr. Wright is International Director for Langham Partnership International and the author several books including The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative (IVP), Old Testament Ethics and the People of God (IVP), and The Mission of God’s People (Zondervan). Dr. Wright is a noteworthy theologian who has written extensively about God’s mission, the church’s mission, and international missions.

Watch his first lecture, “Reading the Whole Bible for Mission: What Happens When We Do.”

Watch his second lecture, “God, Israel, and the Nations: The Old Testament and Christian Mission.”

On a related note: in coming days, BtT will invite discussion about God’s mission and the church’s mission. We hope to hear from you then.

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