Q&A 7: How Do We Promote Faithful Giving to the Great Commission?


Question: In light of your work with the Great Commission Resurgence, what are some things, other than faithfully giving to our local churches and missions agencies, that we can do to promote giving money to reach unreached people groups worldwide?

Reply: Rob, I think there are a number of things that you can do that will help promote the Great Commission Resurgence in your particular church. First, do encourage your people to continue to give to the various missions offerings and to increase their Cooperative Program giving. It really is the lifeblood of all that we do together, and the fact that we have seen it decrease so rapidly in the last several decades has been devastating to the work of getting the gospel to our nation and the nations. Second, I believe you can encourage your local association and state convention to send a greater percentage of their monies to the work of the International Mission Board and North America Mission Board through the Cooperative Program. Many are beginning to do this. Third, and most importantly, get on the mission field yourself and lead your people in taking short-term mission trips. I would particularly challenge you to get your men out of America and into an international context. The number of males and females on the mission field is staggering in its disproportionate nature. Recently I was informed that we have almost 700 singles on the mission field. 533 are women. I thank God for every sister in the Lord who has given her life and has the courage to go to the nations that women and children might here the gospel. Note very carefully what I just said. In many contexts around the world a man will only be won to Christ by another man. In Muslim contexts, in particular, women are simply not able to share the gospel with a man. It is unacceptable and therefore it will never happen. I am convinced that the great need of the day with respect to international missions is getting men to stand up and play the man. It is time for men to be the men God saved them and has created them to be. Therefore, I would do all that I could do in my church to motivate and mobilize my men to get passionate for the gospel and for the nations. Further, I would regularly challenge my people from the pulpit to consider that God might be calling them to the international mission assignment. I fear that far too many pastors do not put this challenge regularly before their people. Therefore, it should not surprise us that it takes nine Southern Baptist churches to produce one international missionary. So, these are a few things I would encourage you to do. Finally, you can do as my wife and I have done, and put some SBC agency in your will. We plan to continue to serve the Lord in this way after we have gone to heaven if Jesus tarries His coming. Therefore, I would encourage all Southern Baptists to respond to one of the Great Commission Resurgence challenges by putting some mission agency or theological institution in your will that you might be a part of God’s work even after you have been translated into glory. You will not be disappointed that you did when you stand before our King!

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  3. John   •  

    My congregation voted over 2 decades ago, long before my time, to give at least 10% to the Cooperative Program. According to my members who remember those times, the church experienced financial problems and examined their finances, only to realize the congregation wasn’t tithing on what it received. My members say the church has experienced no problems financially ever since. BTW, that 10% figure doesn’t include our special offerings such as Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, etc.; we count those as additional funds to our SBC missionaries.

    It seems to me that churches who sponsor their own mission activities should do so in addition to giving full support (at least 10%) to the CP. It bothers me that many churches in the SBC now believe their superpower status gives them the right to redirect their funds from the CP to support their own activities. Congregations should view the CP and their mission activities as a both/and situation, not an either/or situation.

    In another conversation, someone questioned the wisdom of changing the name of the SBC on financial grounds. I pointed out that if every congregation fully funded the CP, we’d have the funds to change our name and still support our missionaries.

  4. Bill   •  

    There is no question but that the GCR was developed and pushed by mega church pastors and some agency heads to spare these mega churches and their pastors from being embarrased over the percent of their CP giving. They basically feel that the vast majority of SBC churches don’t really count. It is interesting to note that the current SBC President is using the same tatic to change the name of the SBC as the former President did to push the GCR.

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