Question 1: How do you envision IMB, NAMB, and local churches working together to reach unreached people groups in the States (college students, refugees, etc)?


Question 1: How do you envision IMB, NAMB, and local churches working together to reach unreached people groups in the States (college students, refugees, etc)?

Reply: Let me begin by expressing how excited I am about the direction both of the IMB and NAMB. The presidents of both are men for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration. Tom Elliff is a father in the ministry to me and a hero in the faith. Kevin Ezell was my pastor for 8 years and one of my closest friends. Both men ooze integrity and vision for reaching the nations with the gospel. They are passionate for implementing the GCR and are already taking major steps to see this happen.

With that said I believe you will see great synergy between the IMB, NAMB and local churches that have a passion to reach the unreached people groups that the Lord has brought to our nation. I believe you will see the IMB providing, not personnel, but training. They will let the personnel needs be met by NAMB and the local church. I think you can expect them to provide training through missionaries who are home on sabbatical who have particular expertise with specific people groups. I also think you can look for NAMB to provide encouragement, training and even funding as we seek to reach out and share the gospel with those who have yet to hear the name of Jesus in us.

I believe college campuses in particular are one of the greatest mission fields available to us today. We still have free access to walk on these campuses and share the good news of King Jesus. That we don’t do it more passionately and pro-actively than we do is to our shame. However, I sense a growing passion for this very thing. I know that there are a number of students at Southeastern, who at their own initiative, regularly go to the campuses seeking out internationals to build relationships for the purpose of sharing the gospel. I believe we must become intentional in doing this, and we have a golden opportunity right now.

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  1. Rick Patrick   •  

    The question references IMB, NAMB and local churches but makes no mention of state conventions and local baptist associations. Why is that? Are they not even part of the equation any longer?

  2. Danny Akin   •  

    Rick, I certainly would see state conventions and associations in the equation. I belive they have a very important role to play in this area. Thank you for raising the issue.

  3. Larry Baker   •  

    In Kentucky, churches, associations, and the state convention are very involved in reaching people groups who have found their way to our state. Part of this effort is a cadre of jointly funded (Ky Baptist Convention, North American Mission Board, local association)missionaries who work in the heart language of many of the people groups we have in Kentucky. The KBC also has a Department (Multiethnic Missions and Ministries) that coordinates KBC work with numerous ethnic groups. In addition, this department coordinates an Ethnic Council, made up of ethnic group leaders, who develop and evaluate the KBC outreach and discipling efforts with people groups. We are also fortunate to be able to partner with several SBTS students who have served as journeymen with the IMB in order to reach diffierent people groups. Over the years we have also received help from the IMB and NAMB to find resources and get guidance on reaching certain people groups.
    In addition several of our staff members are former IMB missionaries who speak two and in some cases three languages who stay involved in working with Kentucky immigrant groups, even though that might not be their main duties.
    We also have a large group of Campus Minister’s that continue to be involved in mobilizing Baptist Campus Ministry students to work with international students on many of our college and university campuses.
    I pray that all our SBC entities will continue to partner together and increase our efforts to effectively reach the vast number of people groups that are found in North America.

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