An Invitation to Study Biblical Languages and Translation at Southeastern

For those students interested in linguistics, Bible translation, biblical languages, semiotics, literary theory or a host of other related areas of study, Southeastern invites you to study biblical languages for the purpose of Bible translation. If you are interested in Bible translation, you will have the opportunity to study with the following faculty, as well as approximately 15 other faculty who teach in the biblical studies division.

Fred Williams (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is Associate Professor of History and Languages in the College of Southeastern. Dr. Williams has published articles in Trinity Journal and Tyndale Bible Dictionary (Tyndale House). He teaches linguistics and Greek, Hebrew, French, and Latin to Southeastern students. What is more, he is able to teach many, many more languages.

Todd Borger (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; post-doctoral study, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, a leader of the Bible Translation program (MABT) at Southeastern, and the author of “The Canaanite Conquest: A Paradigm for Christian Violence?” (Areopagus Journal, Winter 2010). Dr. Borger served in Asia for years before coming to teach at SEBTS.

Shawn Madden (Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington) is Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew and Director of Library Services, and is currently writing Kings: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text for Baylor Press. Before coming to SEBTS, Dr. Madden served in the United States Marine Corps.

Adrianne Miles (Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin) is Adjunctive Professor of Linguistics at Southeastern. She has published articles in Language Learning and Development and Language, and presented papers at numerous regional and national linguistic conferences. In addition to her Linguistics post she teaches English at Southeastern.

Southeastern offers the following degrees relevant to biblical languages, linguistics, and Bible translation:

The Master of Arts (Biblical Languages) (MABL), in conjunction with a Certificate in Translation, functions to prepare students to serve as translators and as field supervisors for Bible translation teams. The MABL consists of 48 credit hours in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic so that the student will be competent in translation in both Testaments. Admission to the MABL presupposes adequate training in biblical studies at the undergraduate level.

Southeastern also offers the Master of Arts (Bible Translation) which intends to prepare students to serve as Bible translators or directors of Bible translation teams, especially on the mission field. Hence, this 60-hour program combines the required biblical languages (21 hours) courses with courses in the principles of Bible translation (39 hours). Again, adequate training in biblical studies at the undergraduate level is presupposed for his program. See the SEBTS catalog for more info.

Each of Southeastern’s M.Div. programs include requirements in the biblical languages. The M.Div. with Advanced Biblical Studies is designed for those who want a higher level of training in biblical languages and exegesis. By way of at least 15 hours of additional language study on top of the M.Div. core, this program prepares aspiring pastors, missionaries, or those who wish to pursue an advanced degree and teach in a college or seminary setting.

We invite you to study with our Biblical Languages and Translation faculty in the M.A. or M.Div. programs of Southeastern. For more info visit our website ( or and check out the Admissions and Academics links.

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