The Greenhouse Series: Restoration Church in Washington, DC

[Note: The Greenhouse Series promotes church planting and church renewal in the United States. Each installment spotlights a specific church that has recently been planted or is in the process of revitalization, as a means of encouraging our readership in the victories of the gospel and allowing them the opportunity to support these churches.]

My friends Nathan Knight and Joey Craft are SEBTS alums and co-planters and pastors of Restoration Church in Washington, DC ( Nathan and Joey were trained, assessed, and sent out by North Wake Church in Wake Forest, NC. The Knight and Craft families moved to urban Washington, DC in 2010 and began meeting in Nathan’s apartment in preparation to plant Restoration church. In the paragraphs that follow, I will provide a very concise snapshot of their history together, and offer you some ways to pray for them and support them.

As Nathan, Joey, and their families met together with an initial group, they read and discussed Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God, the discussion of which offered an inroad to move their small but growing gathering toward more in-depth Bible study. Their book study led into a brief overview of the Bible, which led to a study of Galatians and Colossians. Soon, they shifted the group’s format from a discussion-based gathering to a teaching time and finally to a time for preaching of the word. Soon, they were meeting in an area community center, and eventually in a meeting-house where they currently gather on Sunday evenings. Restoration Church covenanted together as 17 members on March 28, 2010. Another 15 members covenanted in November of 2010, and Restoration is currently going through its third round of membership.

God has graciously given Restoration Church ample gospel opportunities in DC. A recent happening might suffice as an example of those opportunities. In the city, Nathan met a local couple, Tyrone and Edna. They were selling newspapers to earn enough money in order to stay in a hotel each night. Nathan invited them to their gathering in his apartment, since which time Tyrone and Edna both have come to faith in Christ through the ministry of the church. The couple now has an apartment and both were recently baptized and are committed members of the congregation. This one story serves as an illustration of Restoration’s desire for and efforts toward seeing God build a Christ-centered, ethnically diverse church in the heart of the nation’s capitol. Along with residents from all over the States, Restoration has enjoyed seeing citizens from Philippines, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria attend the church. Christ Jesus, the King of the nations, is using Nathan, Joey, and Restoration Church to reach the nations.

In light of our Lord’s work in Washington, DC through the Knights, the Crafts, and Restoration Church, how can we join them? We can (1) pray for the congregation’s growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord; (2) pray for grace, power, and wisdom for the Knight and Craft families; (3) pray that Christ’s Spirit would work in the hearts of the attendees of Restoration so that the gospel will continue to go to the nations; and (4) provide financial support by contacting Nathan Knight at

Check out Restoration Church’s website ( to receive video updates every other month, listen to sermons, and read their blog, which is a collection of thoughts intended to spur on authentic Christianity.

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  1. Joel   •  


    Thanks for putting out the word about these guys. Do they have any local SBC affiliation? Would love to help encourage and if possible, support their work.

  2. Bruce Ashford   •     Author

    Joel, hey bro! They are definitely SBC, but I’m not sure about local affiliation. they’d love to hear from you, though, I’m sure of that.

  3. Joey   •  

    Dr. Ashford,

    Grateful for your leadership, support, and prayers. Keep raising young men up to engage the world with the gospel!

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